Elementary (KG-5)

Elementary Teachers (KG-5)


Ustathah Fathimah

Ustathah Amerah

1st Grade

Ustathah Renee

Ustathah Renee was born and raised in Missouri and attended Missouri Baptist University, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Teaching has always been a passion for Ust. Renee, and she has a genuine love for learning! Her goal is to instill this same love of learning in all of her students. By making her classroom a safe, fun and disciplined place, she hopes that they will enjoy coming to her classroom and learning something new every day. Her philosophy is that all children are different, require specific attention and affection in order for them to flourish, and have a passion to learn.

Ust. Renee feels honored of being parents to 2 amazing boys, Owen and Bradley.

Ustathah Dina


Ust. Dina was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri and is one of four children born to Palestinian parents. She graduated from Webster University with a degree in Education. Ust. Dina is currently certified to teach birth through third grade. She is also a former Al-Salam Day School student. This is her third year as a teacher at ADS!

Ust. Dina believes every child can and will want to learn as long as his or her interests and individual abilities are considered in a student-centered classroom. She believes that students should come to school because they want to, not because they have to! Her favorite thing about being a teacher is being able to make learning fun.

When Ust. Dina is not teaching or looking for ways to engage students, she spends time with family and friends. She enjoys sewing and creating handmade items.

Ust. Dina is looking forward to a fun-filled year in first grade, in shaa Allah!

2nd Grade

Ustathah Azra

3rd Grade

Ustathah linzie 

This is Ust. Linzie’s is fourth year teaching at Al-Salam Day School (ADS) and her seventh year as an elementary teacher. She was born in North Carolina and relocated to Missouri with her family in grade school. Ust. Linzie graduated with honors from Southeast Missouri State in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and she holds a Missouri state teachers certificate in Elementary Education.

Ust. Linzie has continued her education as a teacher by attending yearly workshops, seminars, and professional development activities. In addition to teaching at ADS, she also teaches Fall and Winter learning labs with the Gifted Resource Council of St. Louis.

As an educator, she believes that each student has not only the right, but the ability to learn. In her classroom, she has a child-centered philosophy that is based on each student’s developmental and individual learning styles.

Her greatest love next to her family is reading. You can always catch her with a book during her free time.
Ust. Linzie is looking forward to many more years teaching the wonderful students of ADS.

4th Grade

Ustathah Selma

Ustadha Selma has recently graduated from UMSL with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary and Special Education. She is bilingual, speaking Arabic and English fluently. She was placed in a yearlong student teaching experience and had the opportunity to experience teaching kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. She has also worked as aSunday School teacher for five years.

She believes that every student has the ability to reach their potential, and as a result, she sets her expectations high for her students. She acknowledges that students don’t all learn or get motivated in the same way. She strives to differentiate instruction and strategies to meet each student’s needs.

Ustadha Selma is very excited to be with Al-Salam Day School and is looking forward to an exciting and successful year ahead, inshAllah! 

 Ustathah Chelsea

5th Grade

Ustathah Linda

  • 5th Grade (A) Homeroom
  • 5th grade English-Language Arts

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